How The Dough Co. Came To Life!

Like everyone, our family got swept up by the baking craze that hit Melbourne during the prolonged lockdown at the back end of 2020. We then thought, what if ready to bake products weren’t just confined to a lockdown activity, and instead could bring families together with a fun, mess free activity. Inspired by devouring books and podcasts about successful entrepreneurs and startups, father and daughter duo, Mark and Amy, wanted to give their own entrepreneurship venture a go.

As Mark’s corporate catering company in the CBD was closed due to the work from home orders and Amy’s university was shifted online, the duo had plenty of time on their hands to start a covid inspired side hustle.

The whole family chipped in, with everyone helping to develop the recipes and taste test the flavours. 6 months later we had perfected all our flavours, developed the website and got our branding down pat.

We are so excited to share our proudly ‘Melbourne Made’ cookie dough with you and hope it brings you as much joy baking it with your family and as it has ours.

Amy and Mark

The Dough Co - Founders

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